ROYAL ACADEMY as the name suggests has come up through more than two decades ago with immense endeavour and experiencee since its birth in the year 1993 in a most royal manner in the field of quality Education. Being under the canopy of C.B.S.E. Board it targets towards promoting quality education, which means:

  • Education which will no longer be confined to structured knowledge and to the four walls of the classroom.
  • Emphasis with shift from knowledge processing to knowledge creation.
  • Evaluation procedure will undergo a radical transformation to include multiple intelligence.
  • The Education that considers and highlights the rich cultural heritage of mother India along with her high moral and ethical values.

The School strives regularly in maintaining a conductive atmosphere where teaching learning process can be carried out in a proper way. The School Garners each and every individual to metamorphosis into a higly productive human resource, who can cater to the various needs of the nation and its building. In today's search for quality education. Dear, Guardians and Parents of the little flowers, we have already found the entry to the path of true knowledge, leading to the freedom of mind and above all ceation which is excepted of every human beings.

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