Late N.K. Sanghai
Fouder Secretary

Right from the inception of the school, it had been a dream come true from my part to see that my institution gradually turning out to be a centre of quality education.

Quality eduaction through innovative teaching techiniques both in scholastics and Co-scholastics areas coupled with high standards of Infra-structural and facilities has indeed made this possible

The vision was clear: Our school should be able to cater to the purpose of true education for every section of our society and surrounding.

It is our constant effoert and strivance, using our effective management system for providing quality education to each and every child of our school.

We keep no stone unturned in brining about necessary changes and inputs regarding the best possible teaching practices, conductive environment and suitable ambiences in order to blossom the young minds to the fullest.

Lastly I feel that to bring our vision of quality education into reality, we need the honest Co-operation of our beloved parents / guardians along with the constant support of our compassionate teaching and non-teaching staffs of my school.

May God Bless You All.

From the Principal Desk

It all started from a Tea-table, when a wounderful thought evoked from mind of two oridinary person who could bring completeness in an individual and turn/transform into a effective human resource.

The Secanario two decades back was grim.
Schools could no longer create thinking minds rather it struck to the age old traditional systems of teaching and learning which produce nothing but the so called educated youth with degree and certificates, which lack the skills & competence for employability. Learing emphasized on rote-memorisation rather then understanding, skills and applications.

With the advent of sceince and technology, the education system also revolutionized to a great extent. Technology had to be introduced in the education system to a great extent in order to enhance learning

Twentyi First century learners are well informed and aware oif various facts i.e the so-called knowledge as a result of technology outburst in the form on interest and satellite linkages.

Teaching aids has to be changed. The evaluation system hand undergone a se-change in the recent past CBSE board had to implement the continous and comprehensive evaluations (CCE) patter of learning.

With the brilliant concept of multiple intelligence of H. Gardner, we started thinking differently in terms of class room teaching learning.

Being under the CBSE curriculum we are indeed blessed with its new imperative approaches which aligns the national education system with the global scenario in terms of innovative teaching learning techniques and evaluation system that enables to assess a child's total development along with remedical procedures.

New concepts like collaboative learning, development of life skills infact craves for creativity which in turn shapes with enterpreneurships and higher employability level.

School in my opnion, should be a place of immense freedomm towards the thinking arena of a child and he needs to develoop his aras of interest, in the form of excellence in that particular field, maintaining the traditions and culture of our nation.

Bringing out-first order leadership skills among the children has become the need of the hour.

Royal Academy infact has begun its jounery with the above mind set since its birth which could be fldt by the attitude and attributes of our students passing out every year and are ready to face the challenges in their future world.

To conclude, the tow persons are none other than our beloved Director Late N.K. Sanghai and myself.

Thanking You
Mr. Arindam Chakraborty